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    2. The firing process of art porcelain

      1, Mudding: It is the porcelain clay into a useful porcelain mud.
      2. Slurry: Divide it into a column to facilitate storage and drawing.
      3, drawing: Put the finished clay into the big turntable, hand and drawing tools, will be pulled into a porcelain clay.
      4, printing blank: According to the shape to be made to choose different impressions printed on the porcelain blank into a variety of different shapes.
      5. Renovation of blanks: The thickness of freshly-printed blanks is uneven, and it is necessary to trim the printed blanks neatly and symmetrically by reworking the blanks.
      6, drowning water: that is, using the water to wash away the dust on the billet, to prepare for the next drawing glazing and other processes.
      7, drawing blank: There are many kinds of blanks, there are freehand, there are stickers painted paper sketch, and so on.
      8. Enamelling: The rough surface of the painted porcelain blank is smooth and bright after being glazed: different glazing techniques have different effects.
      9. Sintering kiln: The porcelain kiln is subjected to a thousand degrees of high temperature in the kiln.
      10, into porcelain: After a few days of cooking, the kiln porcelain has become a beautiful piece of porcelain.





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