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Brief Introduction of Ding Porcelain


  Ding kiln is a white porcelain kiln field following Xing kiln. In the Tang Dynasty, the bowl type was the main type. In the Song Dynasty, bowls, plates, bottles, dishes, boxes, and pillows were used as the main items. It also produced bottles of preservatives such as bottles and conch. The tires were thin, light, hard and white. Not very transparent. The fixed kiln is recombined and reburned from the top and the rim is not glazing, which is called "Mangkow". This is one of the features of the kiln products.

  Ding kiln porcelain is popular with people for its colorful patterns. The decorative techniques consist of white-glazed prints, white-glazed engraved flowers and white glazes, as well as white glazes and gold-colored flowers. The printing is dominated by flowers, mainly lotus, chrysanthemum, valerian, peony, etc. There are also animal patterns such as dragonflies, dragons and phoenixes, and lions. The rigorous pictures, symmetry, neat white enamel prints have always been regarded as treasures in ceramic art. In the early Northern Song Dynasty, kiln engraving, composition, and pattern were concise, with a heavy lotus pattern, and the beauty of bas-relief decoration. The carved decoration in the middle and late Song Dynasty was exquisite and unique. Using a single-tooth or double-tooth comb-like tool, the object image composed of dark and light main lines and auxiliary lines is sculpted, vivid and natural, with a strong sense of three-dimensional, decorative theme with flowers and fruit, lotus ducks, poultry Birds, floating birds, Yunlong, etc.

  Song and Jin dynasty porcelain pillows are widely popular. They have the simplest rectangles and animal shapes, such as tiger-shaped pillows and cloud-like shapes. They are used for the wishful pillows of the auspicious meaning, and the infant pillows are more complex in shape. . Baby patterns in the Song Dynasty were extremely popular. In the porcelain of the Song Dynasty, the celadon of the North, the shadow celadon of the Jingdezhen, the Cizhou kiln of the complicated technique, and the Ding kiln of the dynasty belonged to the patterns of the babies and children.

  Although the original kiln was originally a folk kiln, the porcelain was used as a porcelain kiln in the latter part of the Northern Song Dynasty. This affected the kiln quite a bit, and was later copied in various places. There are "land setting", "new set", "Northern setting", "Southern setting", "powdered" and other imitation.


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