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Brief Introduction of Ding Klin

The Ding Kiln was one of the Five Famous Kilns in China in the Song Dynasty. The Ding Kiln was produced in Quyang County, which was under the jurisdiction of Ding Administration Division, hence Ding Porcelain. 
The Ding Kiln originated in the Tang Dynastry, thrived in the Northern Song Dynasty, and declined in the Yuan Dynasty.Its white porcelain products were known all overall the world as Jade-white, paper-thin and chime-sounding, and were sent as atricles of tribute to the royal court.
The war between the Song Regime and the Jin kingdom ruined the resounding of King Kiln porcelain overnight. From then on, this treasure of porcelain sank into the limbo of oblivion in the long history of 800 years.
After 1973, and under the support of China's goverment, Ding Kiln was restored. The restoration is achived through hundreds of experiments in 40 years. 
Now, the morden Ding Porcelain consists of three parts-- replicating ancient Ding porcelain designs, adding painting to porcelain, as well as making morden daily use porcelain. Works are rewarded and gain market in USA, Japn, Canada, and Hk, Singapore, etc. 

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