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Value of Ding Porcelain


Due to the rare porcelain boutique, since the Ming Dynasty porcelain fine is the pursuit of many of the important goal of collectors.

In the international arena, porcelain also has a very high collection status. In the British Museum, the National Gallery of Fine Arts in Paris, the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, etc., are set as ancient ancient art treasures collection.

In Japan, a collection of the National Museum of Tokyo in the Song Dynasty kiln purple glaze painted gold bowl was regarded as rare treasures.

Set the porcelain in the black set, purple has also been praised for the collectors, the Ming Dynasty Cao Zhao that "there are purple color purple, black color black as paint, soil are white, the price is higher than the white set.

At the beginning of the article mentioned that the North Song Dynasty kiln black glaze partridge spot is a black fine boutique, the transaction price is Yachang Art Network auction database has recorded the highest price of Baidu 3.3 times.

Domestic and foreign price differences, but also this North Song Dynasty kiln black glaze partridge spot five years to sit tight in the auction price of the top spot.

It is understood that in overseas and Hong Kong, the kiln hand bowl, plate, the transaction price of 80,000 pounds or more is not uncommon, and in the domestic similar objects of the transaction price is generally only one-eighth to ten one.

Hong Kong in 1998 auctioned a diameter of 20 cm of the kiln lotus carved sunflower plate, the valuation of 38-4200,000 Hong Kong dollars, the transaction price of 548,000 Hong Kong dollars.And similar to the kiln, in the country also up to a few million.

March 19, 2013, New York auction house Sotheby auction of a porcelain, the transaction volume reached $ 2.2 million, creating a new record of a single piece of porcelain transactions.

In addition, the collection of the five wars of the Song Dynasty worship for the counterfeiters to provide false space, despite the emergence of many fakes, making the porcelain auction market was quite deserted, but the porcelain boutique market potential still can not be overlooked.

Yachang Art Network data show that from 1992, Hong Kong Christie's autumn shot a kiln bottle mouth to 396.44 million yuan turnover so far, the kiln's total auction to 408, 146 auction items, the total turnover of 4240.9692 million yuan , Turnover ratio of 36%.

However, experts reminded collectors, in the collection of porcelain must be careful in the process, not just from the surface characteristics of identification, but also should value the intrinsic charm of the object, the characteristics of the times and the production process of cultural characteristics.

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