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Formation of Ding Porcelain Art


     Dingzhou has a long history and splendid culture.stone carvings in han dynasty, silk fabric quality of the fine, a large number of royal,dating back to tang dynasty, calligraphy, painting, bronze ware, jade...

     consistently prosperous in Dingzhou art of mutual reference, the use of elements suitable for any time, any form.Dingzhou has a long history and splendid culture. with special research and reveal, mainly from which one is really a big problem.art form, according to the theory of Hegel's philosophy, originated from aesthetic transcendental.any kind of aesthetic form of evolution, is the aesthetic form of inner evolution, is a form of another form of negation of negation.as a result, the production of a kind of aesthetic form, must be the inherent requirement of the aesthetic form of existing and development. Porcelain of the evolution of the aesthetic form, also must be in accordance with the requirements of the porcelain inner aesthetic form and medium changes and propulsion.popularly said, China has its own intrinsic aesthetic form, do not rely on other forms of aesthetic regularity and the media.
however, rely on aesthetic form and aesthetic content, and aesthetic content, according to the theory of marxism, comes from the life and the human environment.as a result, any kind of aesthetic form of production and the changes can find its source in life itself. 

     Chinaware so, k 'o-ssu so, painting, sculpture, also.when living environment and social environment change, art form will fit with their specific attributes from the life of the components accordingly.however, not every kind of art form to change at the same time, some earlier, some may lag,is likely to be lagging behind the grafting for reference from other art forms.actually in the long historical evolution process, any age art form with distinct characteristics, there are also common.therefore, both Chinese tang and song dynasty porcelain kiln of grain as a result of their own development to achieve results, does not rule out porcelain, k 'o-ssu and paintings of the song dynasty style is formed and developed at the same time, there exist several art form but also learn from each other.implements, it must be the best teacher, according to China's own characteristics for professional design.of course, is to burn, the pieces are designed by the scholar or a person involved in the buddhist.

    score before, certainly exist, but according to the turning effect of fluency and line, seems to be on the objects before there is no score line, at least not all line. It is conceivable that we master the art of capability of the deep.

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